Eric sees things in a different perspective. His birds-eye view of our project provided a unique and powerful graphic for an important cover story in our magazine. How he managed to visualize and construct such a detailed finished product from a handful of sketches, drawings and photos, amazes me."

-Dan Acree, publisher, Texoma Living magazine

"Big City Maps are dynamic, colorful and very detailed. You get the map in every format you need in a timely and professional manner. The best around!"

-John Lambrecht, Destination Bloomington - Home of the Mall of America

3d maps

3D & Birds-Eye View Maps
...for showing off your city or campus!

More than any other type of map, 3D maps offer in one glance, the layout of all the different and distinct districts in an urban place, a college campus, or tourist destination.

These are the maps that make the most complicated places easy to understand and navigate. And they also are best at giving the reader a sense of the excitement your place has to offer! These illustrated guides use buildings and landmarks in a brilliantly vivid way to show the locations of shopping districts, office buildings, parks, convention facilities, theaters, sports stadiums, and residential areas.

Birds-eye View and 3D: What's the difference?

Birds-Eye view maps and 3D maps are much alike, however, generally birds-eye views show smaller dimensions for places farther away from the point of view. In other words, a building in the foreground will look bigger than a similar-sized building a few blocks away. If your campus or town is confined to a relatively small area, then a birds-eye view will work better than for a large downtown or campus.

3-D Maps Samples

ind Lawrence Kansas HuntingtonBeach downtown
Indianapolis, IN Downtown
Lawrence, KS
Huntington Beach, CA