Eric sees things in a different perspective. His birds-eye view of our project provided a unique and powerful graphic for an important cover story in our magazine. How he managed to visualize and construct such a detailed finished product from a handful of sketches, drawings and photos, amazes me."

-Dan Acree, publisher, Texoma Living magazine

"Big City Maps are dynamic, colorful and very detailed. You get the map in every format you need in a timely and professional manner. The best around!"

-John Lambrecht, Destination Bloomington - Home of the Mall of America

3d maps

College & University Maps

..are an important marketing tool!

Attract new students to your school! Students are keenly aware of the image the school puts forth, and how it will affect their status later as they journey to being professionals.

Universities and colleges know very well the value in marketing to young minds, and a fresh, lush campus map in promotional and orientation materials give the young adult the sense that they are entering an exciting new lifestyle on your campus! Big City Maps considers campus mapping to be one of the hearts of its existence, and the attention given to the overall artistic impression is an indication of that passion.

Campus maps may be created in 2D or 3D, and both offer depth to the campus experience with full foliage, shadowing and shading, and architectural highlights punctuating the image. The artist, Eric Hunden, works with every campus to find out the image the campus wishes to portray, and the style of illustration that works best for the needs of the school.

And it doesn't stop there! If there is a business district nearby that serves the student population, then he considers that part of the college experience, and therefore can be represented as well. If sports are a large part of campus life, then specialty illustrations of the sports facilities and stadia are a strong point of Big City Maps' talents.

Many times a school will need different maps for different uses. For example, the University of Kansas main campus in Lawrence, KS, needed a 2-D campus map to show the parking regulations, but the majority of the university wanted a 3D map. Both were provided using the same campus "footprint", however each map highlighted different particular needs.

different particular needs.

College & University Sample Maps

University of Kansas Map Bellarmine Campus Renown Health campus
University of Kansas
University of Bellarmine, KY
Renown Health