Eric sees things in a different perspective. His birds-eye view of our project provided a unique and powerful graphic for an important cover story in our magazine. How he managed to visualize and construct such a detailed finished product from a handful of sketches, drawings and photos, amazes me."

-Dan Acree, publisher, Texoma Living magazine

"Big City Maps are dynamic, colorful and very detailed. You get the map in every format you need in a timely and professional manner. The best around!"

-John Lambrecht, Destination Bloomington - Home of the Mall of America

3d maps

City Street Maps

Telling the story of a place

Street maps are a more traditional approach to mapping, but even with these simpler maps, Big City Maps uses lush colors and research to make it interesting. I build maps that lend a classy, neat, easy-to-read, and accurate portrayal of a city or town. These maps inform the reader more than traditional maps, with details such as:

These are the details that make a map useful, and Big City Maps uses a full range of colors and styles to tell the story of your city.

City Street Map Samples

Lawrence Kansas Street Map Gardner, KS  
Lawrence, KS
Gardner, KS